Marcus Koss

Community Events

Milwaukie/Gladstone - Rise of Tiamat - Epic Gaming
10-25-16 9:30 am - West Linn Starbucks
D&D Adventurers League - Oregon

This adventure is ideally for characters level 8+, but others are welcome to come and join in the fun.  Just let me know what level your character is. ===== "If you go down to the 'Misty Forest' today you are in for a big surprise! ... Oh, hi...

LeTip Meeting
10-25-16 9:30 am - West Linn Starbucks
LeTip of Multnomah Village

Weekly Meeting

West Linn to Bridgeport for Lunch Anyone? 26 miles
10-25-16 9:30 am - West Linn Starbucks
Ride Like A Girl Cycling

Description: If you want a mixture of hills and flats, country and urban AND food.....this ride is for you.  We start out in West Linn and warm up for  few miles before reaching Johnson Road, a steady climb but not steep.  Then we drop down...