Community Events

Girlfriend Rides: 4 Trails Loop - 32 miles
10-24-14 5:30 pm - Blitz 99W
Northwest Butts On Bikes

Girlfriend Rides Fall Series The 2014 Ride Like a Girl season has ended, but a group of “graduates” is starting a new girlfriend ride series to run through the rest of this year. Each week we’ll lead a WOMEN-ONLY ride (sorry, guys!) for...

Learn how a CIRCUS ELEPHANT can help you become & remain financially independent
10-24-14 5:30 pm - Blitz 99W
i Take The Lead Networking Referral Group Events

Selling is neither magical nor mysterious. <b style="font-size : 16px">We are not paid on profitability - we are paid on productivity. “If you increase your sales, you will make a living; if you increase your skills, you will make a...

Blitz 99 Happy Hour
10-24-14 5:30 pm - Blitz 99W
Tualatin Valley Food, Fun, and Happy Hour

Happy Hour time!I've spoke to the Manager and worked out a few deals.We will be stationed in the game room, so there is room to stand up walk around and visit. There are games such as shuffle board. Happy Hour Food can be found on their site....