Community Events

3 To 4 Mile Walk - Panera Trail Head
4-19-15 10:00 am
Lake Mary Adventure Walkers

As the temps get higher, the walks get earlier to beat the heat.  :-) We will meet at 7:45am near Peach Valley Cafe and Panera and walk the trail back behind there. There are benches along the way if you need the walk to be shorter. Many...

Hike - Falls Creek Falls
4-19-15 10:00 am
Bergies Do It Together

Level A/B, 5 to 6 miles roundtrip, 1000 feet elevation gain. This is a relatively easy hike for the casual hiker and worth every step. The trail is good and well maintained and there are only few and short moderately steep areas. The waterfall...

Meet and Greet
4-19-15 10:00 am
Catalyst: Women's Support & Friendship

Our meeting will include introductions, an overview of the format, and then open discussion of whatever is on our minds―the “burning issue” of the day. The pics show the entrance and the interior of the leasing/community center where we...