Marcus Koss

Community Events

Tigard-Adventurers League-The Game Lodge

D&D Adventurers League - Oregon

Welcome to The Game Lodge, the newest shop in Tigard! New to playing? That is OK we have pre-gens ready for new players to grab and start adventuring. We just need you to come down and play with us to make this happen :) Table 1 with DM Yeon:...

Yes Man PDX, Building Positive Community!

Yes Man PDX

Hey everybody! I would first of all like to say thank you to all who have been coming to Yes Man PDX, it's been a joy to get to know all of you! Above all else my intention with this meetup is to build a group of positive like minded people, who...

Milwaukie - Rise of Tiamat - Epic Gaming

D&D Adventurers League - Oregon

Rise of Tiamat [Hardback Book Version] This is a Tier 2/3 Game (Character Levels 8-16).