Marcus Koss

Community Events

The World of Financial Statements brought to you by a CPA & a Bookkeeper
6-27-16 7:00 pm
i Take The Lead Networking Referral Group Events

If you are a business sales person, who calls on other businesses, instead of the individual consumer or individual business owner, you will want to attend this meeting. Referral groups do not work well for some industries. That is exactly why i...

Tigard-Adventurers League-The Game Lodge
6-27-16 7:00 pm
D&D Adventurers League - Oregon

Welcome to The Game Lodge, the newest shop in Tigard! New to playing? That is OK we have pre-gens ready for new players to grab and start adventuring. We just need you to come down and play with us to make this happen :) Table 1 with DM Steven:...

Peers sharing in a safe place to heal from a negative religious experience.
6-27-16 7:00 pm
Healing Religious Abuse Support Organization

Man’s Mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES Healing Religious Abuse Support Organization HRASO is support group is for people looking for help with the transition from a closed,...